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We help people grow their restaurants through
Social Media Marketing.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager struggling to attract enough customers?

We're Joel Grönqvist and Leonard Vikström, and we specialize in helping restaurant owners like you increase customer footfall through our proven social media marketing strategies.

If you're ready to bring in more customers with predictability, click the button below to learn more.

Target Your Audience

Boost Your Visibility

Drive Customer Growth

Word of mouth is valuable, but it relies on people remembering to talk about you.

Make sure your restaurant stays top of mind. Let our digital marketing strategies remind them of your business.

Establish Your Online Presence

Leave a Lasting Impression

Strategize Your Campaign

Discover why the restaurant industry trusts us.

Join the growing number of restaurants leveraging the power of online presence to boost visibility and engage their audience.

Our Team.

We specialize in helping restaurants thrive in a competitive market. Stand out and attract more customers with effective social media strategies

Elevate your online presence. Drive growth. Discover what we can do for you today.


Biancca Nordström

Accounts and Bookeeping


Leonard Vikstörm

Technology, IT, Product


Johannes Norcstörm

Founder CEO

Skärmbild 2024-03-21 115527.jpg


Customer Service


Joel Grönqvist

Sales & Marketing

Hear It from Our Delighted Customers!

"I am extremely impressed with the services of this social media agency! They are truly professional and skilled in creating effective and productive social media campaigns."

- Jenna Leipstö
Ravintola Bayleis

I have used their services for marketing my restaurant, and I am extremely satisfied with the results. They helped me create compelling social media content that attracted new customers to my restaurant.

- Tom Johansson

Their team is highly skilled and friendly. They are always ready to assist me with all my social media inquiries and respond to me promptly.

- Tiina Tiivistö
Hayes Restaurant

Transform Your Social Media Presence Today!

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